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Powered by AI, we supercharge your copywriting output and help you write SEO optimised website copy in minutes, not hours, with our time-saving tool, specifically built for marketers and agencies. Get instant keyword suggestions and generate whole blog posts in under 5 minutes.

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Write optimised website and blog copy at lightning speed.

A new way to write optimised copy

SEOCopy is the most advanced and powerful SEO copywriting tool on the market that reduces your workload by allowing you to generate new SEO copy or rewrite existing copy using advanced AI.

Generate SEO Optimised Blog Posts in minutes, from scratch

Simply enter your blog idea, choose from a list of AI suggested subheadings and our AI will do the rest.
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Generate New SEO Optimised Copy

Generate new copy with auto included SEO keyword suggestions for product descriptions, blogs, landing pages and more.

Rewrite and Optimise Existing Copy

Enter your existing copy, find new keywords and our advanced AI will rewrite your copy utilising the new keywords, making your copy more SEO friendly.

Auto Keyword Suggestions

Using data from Google, our platform will automatically suggest keywords, which you can select and include to write into your copy.

Keyword Research Tool

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Enter your keyword and receive up to 100 suggested similar keywords to include in your copy. Each keyword suggestion comes with average monthly search volume, and estimated keyword difficulty.

Bulk Generate via CSV

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Generate or rewrite copy in bulk via CSV import, allowing you to create new copy at scale.

Connect to your Shopify store

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Connect your Shopify store and generate or rewrite copy for your products, collections and pages.

Connect to your WordPress Blog

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Connect your WordPress Blog to SEOCopy and easily publish your latest generated blog posts to your website.
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We're making SEO copywriting accessible and easier to manage with AI.

SEOCopy is a time-saving tool that allows you to easily generate new SEO copy or rewrite existing SEO copy using artificial intelligence without any hassle. It's a powerful platform that will allow you to start generating quality content ASAP with just one click from your browser! With this software, rewriting copy or creating new copy in bulk is made much easier than ever before thanks to our advanced AI.

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