How to use SEOCopy's Blog Post Generatorto increase your copy output by 100x 📈

Powered by advanced AI, our Blog Post Generator tool helps you write new blog posts in minutes.

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Step 1: Generate a blog title

Using a combination of your initial input, your target country and any additional keywords, a list of blog titles will be generated 🚀

Step 2: Choose your title

After your blog titles have been generated, you can choose which title you like best, or generate more until you find one that you like 💭

Step 3: Generate an introduction

Next comes the introduction. Using your blog title and previous inputs as a seed, our AI will generate your blog introduction. You can keep regenerating until you find one that you're happy with 🔁

Step 4: Generate and choose your subheadings

Every great blog needs some fire 🔥 subheadings. It's at this key point in the blog post process where the AI will suggest the best fitted subheadings for your chosen blog. You can choose up to 15. After you click "Generate Blog Post", our advanced AI will begin generating your new sections 🤖

Step 5: Edit and optimise your generated sections

At this stage, our AI will have generated copy for your chosen subheadings. If you want to change the output, you can either edit it manually, or generate more copy until you're satisfied ✍️

Step 6: Preview your blog post and copy the HTML

If you're happy with how your blog looks, you can preview it and manually copy the text, or click the "Copy HTML" button, which will automatically copy your blog with correct HTML tags to your clipboard 📎

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